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SPAM Filtering

Each email received is analyzed by a series of tests to determine the probability the email is a SPAM email.  Any email marked as SPAM will be stored in  You can release any email marked as SPAM and whitelist the email address for any future emails.


Each Faculty and Staff user get a 2GB quota.

Virus Scanning

All email attachments are scanned for viruses. If a virus is found, then the email will be deleted.

Blocked Attachments

Currently, there are extensions on attachments blocked from being sent and received. If you are trying to send or receive a legitimate attachment, then rename the extension to a unblocked extension. Also, zipping the files up and sending the zip file will allow them to be sent and received.

Here is the list of extensions being blocked at this current time: (Click Here)

Forwarding Your Exchange Email and Vacation Messages

Exchange users can forward email and set vacation messages from within outlook.

To forward your email and to turn on a vacation message:

  1. From the Tools Menu, choose the Out of Office menu item.
  2. Select the "I am Currently Out of the Office" button.
  3. If you want a vacation message to be automatically sent to each message received, type a message in the field labeled "autoreply only once..." If you just want to forward your mail, leave this field blank.
  4. To forward your mail to another account, click the Add Rule button.
  5. Skip down to the perform these actions section.
  6. Check the box marked delete unless you want to leave a copy of each message on the Exchange server as well as the address you are forwarding to.
  7. Check the box marked forward and type the address you want to forward mail to in the field next to the To button.