High Performance Computing (HPC) at Florida Institute of Technology

HPC Cluster is a set of computers working in parallel performing similar to a supercomputer for a fraction of the price. The HPC Cluster is made up of a cluster of nodes connected by a high-speed network that perform intense computing tasks. The cluster is connected to the external world through a single head node.

The Blueshark HPC cluster at Florida Institute of Technology is a 1,720 processor core IBM system, comprised of 63 compute nodes, 11 GPU nodes, 1 storage node and 1 head node, and it was funded by the National Science Foundation major Research Implementation grant. To request access to the cluster, enter a support request at

For more information about High Performance Computing, see Wikipedia.

The server allows people to run research and academic tasks in a non-clustered environment.

The and servers are being retired at the beginning of March 2016.

Departmental HPC Clusters are being used to facilitate specific needs of the department. Availability of the department clusters varies between each department.