Information Technology

Department of Instructional Technology

The Department of Instructional Technology provides teaching technologies that directly support and enhance the teaching effort both in the classroom and Online. This process includes the design, installation, support and training on the use of presentation equipment in classrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and lecture halls. Instructional Technology provides installation, support and training for use of a Learning Management System and multiple lecture capture systems for Online delivery.  

Outside the classroom, Instructional Technology supports video studio recording, editing, and live recording and streaming of campus events. Campus wide video conferencing and digital signage installation support and training are handled by the department.

To accomplish this, the Instructional Technology staff conducts research and evaluation of current and emerging technologies to determine the value or benefit to the instructional process. New technology is then introduced to faculty for further evaluation and possible implementation. Once a new technology is adopted for campus use, the Department of Instructional Technology then provides training to staff and faculty on the effective use of the new technology. This training is provided to staff and faculty through lectures, demonstrations and training videos, and also through one-on-one consultation and on-going personal assistance.  

The Department of Instructional Technology provides research, evaluation, design, installation, support and training for the following services:

-        Classroom Support/Instructor Work Station (IWS – a fully integrated multimedia classroom podiums)

-        Classroom technology integration

-        Lecture Capture (asynchronous)

-        Live presentation solutions (synchronous)

-        Live streaming of major campus events

-        Learning Management System / E-Learning Platforms

-        Video Conferencing

-        Video Production Studio

-        Video editing and rendering

-        Online content production and broadcast