Information Technology

Access Policies and Procedures Manual


The purpose of this publication is to provide overall guidelines for use of the Access Florida Tech portal. In many instances, these guidelines are based on existing university policy from other areas, including Information Technology and Human Resources.


Governance of Access

Leadership Committee

Access Florida Tech will be governed by an Access Florida Tech Leadership Committee that consists of employees from departments that have direct communication interests to all groups that Access Florida Tech serves (Students, Faculty and Staff). The leadership committee will report to ITEC and work closely with ACITC and ADITC. This committee is responsible for approving all additional content and/or functionality requested by members of the campus community. The committee will make their decision based on the approval process below:

Portlet/Page Approval Process

  1. Eligibility to Request a Portlet – Individuals affiliated with Florida Institute of Technology, including faculty, staff and recognized clubs/organizations/committees.
  2. Method of Requesting a Portlet – Portlet requests can be made by submitting a “Request New Portlet” form along with a content plan document.
  3. Request Information– Certain information will be collected from the requestor to facilitate the application process, including:
    1. Identification of the owner to ensure there is a plan to maintain the content, designation of a primary contact to facilitate reported problems with the content (dated, expired or incorrect), and overall responsibility for the content.
    2. Planned content for the first 16 weeks (minimum).
    3. Roles that should be associated with the Portlet.
    4. Non-duplication of existing content.
    5. Frequency of new content publication.
  4. Review Cycle – The Access Florida Tech Leadership Committee will review all requests on a quarterly basis.
  5. Portlet Approval Criteria– The items below are the minimum criteria to be used to approve creation of a portlet. Portlets will be considered by the Access Florida Tech Leadership Committee by adhering to the criteria as indicated. The committee has the right to approve or deny the use of a portlet.
    1. Content should not duplicate existing portlets.
    2. The nature of the content suggests creation of a new portlet, rather than inclusion in an existing portlet.
    3. The content should appeal to a significant user audience. Requestor may be asked to provide written justification to create portlets with a narrow or limited audience.
    4. Include a plan to maintain the portlet content.
    5. No commercial activity is allowed.
    6. Portlets with targeted content must contain content for the roles associated with the portlet. Users are assigned one or more roles based on information extracted from our database (Banner). A user will have the role of ‘student’ or ‘faculty’ or a combination of both if they hold multiple roles. The portal software uses roles to personalize content presented to users. Content must also adhere to the Florida Institute of Technology Acceptable Use Policy.


Content Ownership and Administration

Content Ownership


Ownership/administration is determined by the source of the content within all display methods (portlet, page, targeted announcement (TA), collaboration-tool and community). When access is granted to use a display method within Access Florida Tech, the person(s) is identified as the owner of that portlet, page, TA, collaboration-tool and/or community. In cases where there are no existing specific content editors, the Access Florida Tech Leadership Committee will be identified as the owner.

Page Owners                

Page (by department)
Welcome Marketing and Communications
Student Academics Office of the Registrar
Florida Tech University Online
Extended Studies
Student Life Student Activities
Student Services Campus Services
Student Money Financial Aid
Florida Tech University Online
Student Financial Services
Faculty ACITC Florida Tech University Online
Employee Human Resources
Work Tools Human Resources,
Business Services
Library Library


Portlet Owners

For any existing Web content used in Access Florida Tech, from Florida Tech’s website, ownership will be determined by the WCMS content editors assigned by each of the department’s administration. In cases where there are no existing content editors, the department/organizational leader will be responsible for the content they display within Access Florida Tech. 

Content Management

  • To create a consistent look and feel, portlets will use the portal default style sheet. The default style sheet sets font colors and sizes, margins, borders and more for almost all HTML tags. Portlets must follow the Florida Institute of Technology graphic identity standards and will undergo the same professional review and careful preparation that is given to any other official university publication in any other medium, as these portlets will present an image of the university to the portal users.
  • The appropriate administrative unit(s) that publishes information on an official university website is fully responsible for factually accurate content and currency of information. Sites/portlets will be reviewed quarterly to determine accuracy and currency of content. Websites that contain out-of-date information may be requested to make the necessary corrections. Websites failing to comply with such requests may be unlinked and/or removed.
  • If the page/portlet reference outputs HTML, it should only include what would go between thetags (no doctype, html, head, meta tags, etc.)
  • Content must facilitate the official business of the university; support the vision, mission, goals and academic values of the university; and comply with university policies, rules, regulations, and local, state and federal laws.
  • All portal portlets must make use of the techniques and standards in the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (
  • Written permission must be obtained for use of copyrighted materials, with the clear understanding on the part of the copyright holder that these materials will be used in a portlet within the university’s portal on the Web. This applies to the use of text, logos, photographs, drawings, video clips, sound clips and other copyrighted material.
  • Content may not contain advertising, which means the promoting of a commercial product or service, whether or not compensation is exchanged or anticipated.
  • The portlet should fit nicely in a three-column layout, which will be about 312 pixels wide for a resolution set to 1024x768.
  • Content is expected to conform to general socially acceptable principles of taste, civility and decency and to serve the university’s best interests.
  • All official university websites must present information using the highest editorial standards (spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, etc.). Websites that contain editorial errors may be requested to make the necessary corrections. Websites failing to comply with such requests may be unlinked and/or removed.


All portlets must make use of the techniques and standards in the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (



There is an ever-increasing reliance on electronic forms of communication among faculty, staff and students. Additionally, announcements directed at general constituencies as well as specific individuals are posted on the public website and inside the various Web-based services comprising our portal. Because of the importance of this type of communication, announcements posted in the portal are considered official forms of communication at the university. This policy ensures that students and employees will have access to a university email and portal account, outlines each student’s and employee’s responsibilities in having such an account, and establishes expectations for communication between faculty and students for educational purposes and between the university and students for university business purposes. To abide with federal, state and local regulations, this policy must be strictly observed.

The Access Florida Tech portal will serve as the official internal communications vehicle for Florida Institute of Technology. This includes emergency information that may be necessary for the university to distribute in the event of university-wide class cancellations or other extreme situations. All members of the university community should look to the portal for official information concerning such occurrences.


Personal calendars are private to the individual unless they are shared out by the owner(s). Free and busy information is shared between accounts unless the owner has disabled access. Shared calendars are public information for any user to access.


Refer to the Email Rules and Etiquette:

Social Media

Refer to the Social Media Policy at


Granting Access

All portal access will be granted to the following roles: Students, Faculty and Staff.

Access will be granted to each person at the time their TRACKS account is generated. This access will be valid for each role until such a time as termination of employment or graduation from the university.

What is TRACKS?

TRACKS is Florida Institute of Technology's account system that provides a single account and password for access to all university services granted to a user.

Current Students, Faculty and Staff

Your TRACKS account and password is used for Florida Tech email, PAWS (Panther Access Web System), computer labs in the Olin Engineering and Life Sciences buildings, the Computer Sciences open lab (EC272), all instructor workstations in multimedia classrooms, and all desktops using the FLTECH domain to log on to the campus network.

Prospective Students

Your TRACKS limited account and password is used only for PantherPass (Online Check-in) and PAWS (Panther Access Web System).

Former Students (Alumni and Students who have previously attended Florida Tech)

Your TRACKS limited account and password is used only for PAWS (Panther Access Web System) and email provided by Google Applications. Former students who do not have a TRACKS limited account but know their Florida Tech ID number and PIN can create an account by visiting


Problem Resolution

A request for assistance ticket will be entered via the online system. All requests for assistance will be monitored by the Technology Support Center and routed to the appropriate support personnel for resolution.



Overview and Training Materials will be available at


Acceptable Use

Granting access to all Florida Tech Information Resources is predicated on a basic set of reasonable and prudent usage behaviors of each individual. Policies and procedures have been established to clarify and formalize the expected behavior when accessing these resources. Each individual (faculty, staff or student) who is granted access to any Florida Tech owned, controlled or sponsored computer, network or Web resource is required to acknowledge and accept the applicable policy with the specified privileges and constraints.

Digital material that is made available for public or private access and viewing must adhere to all legal restrictions of the applicable intellectual property laws. The creation and thus ownership of all digital material is covered in Section III of this document with the restrictions of the related policy and procedure.

The overall Information Technology policies and guidelines are available at While none of these will apply to the Access Florida Tech system, many will have inferences and overlap with the usage. The most applicable policy is IT-1001 Acceptable Use Policy for Campus Information Technology Services found at

Additional assistance with these policies and procedures is available from Technology Support Services at or (321) 674-7284. 


Portal Administration

System administration will be the responsibility of Information Technology and Administrative Computing as needed. Access will be granted at the system level or the administrative level based on business need. All access must be requested, signed and approved by the employee manager and IT. System level access will not be granted to anyone outside the IT Account Manager without a valid business need. A form will be available and stored in Document Management for reference. 

Content administration will be given to those individuals with a business need to maintain university content. Access to content administration must be requested and signed off by the Access Florida Tech Leadership Committee. At no time will access be given without appropriate approvals. A form will be available and stored in Document Management for reference.