Information Technology

Olin Production Studio

As the focal point for many of Florida Tech’s Distance Education courses, the Olin Production Studio features state-of-the-art equipment enabling faculty members both on and off campus to

enhance the content of their courses. Facilities and services available include video capture and production work, teleconferencing, and post production rendering. These facilities and services can be made available for use by the community and local businesses. Please contact us for information regarding rental or other services.

Streaming Media

The Instructional Technologies program provides streaming media services to the campus community in accordance with the academic and research missions of the university. Windows Media, Real Media and Quicktime are all supported as part of this service. We offer the following streaming media services:

  • Live Web Broadcast: transmit audio and video of a live event across the Internet to viewers not able to physically participate
  • Encoding: your existing audio and video files can be converted into popular streaming media formats.
  • Hosting: your streaming media-formatted audio and video files can be hosted on the university streaming media server for ease of distribution

To request streaming media services, please contact the Teaching Technologies Center at (321) 674-8019.

To request recording or production services please submit a Video and Content Production Request.

  • One Canon XL2 3CCD Mini-DV camera and Libec H22-DV tripod
  • Two JVC D-9 professional-quality production cameras
  • Globecaster digital video production and special effects system
  • Studio Classroom equipped with two Sony 3 CCD Pan/Tilt/Zoom remote operated cameras utilizing the Vaddio camera control system. We have the ability to mix all three video and audio sources from the classroom from the instructor, students and the instructor's computer
  • A large scale blue wall available for realtime Chroma Key video projects using the Globecaster system.
  • A wide array of audio recording options utilizing Shure lavalier and handheld wireless microphone systems controlled and mixed using Mackie audio electronics. As well as a Sennheiser
  • EW 100 wireless microphone for portable event set-ups
  • Post production editing services are provided using both Final Cut Pro HD as well as Adobe Premier Pro editing suites.
  • Additional software available include: Sonicfire Pro, Garage Band,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, and Acid Pro
  • Web video broadcasting, online media hosting, and CD video archiving is provided using Windows Media Video format