Applied Computing Center


Lab Layout

The Applied Computing Center features 70 Windows-based computers. All computers are networked and use the University's high speed internet connection.  The ACC is located on the 3rd floor of Evans Library and renovated with more desktop space for students to bring their laptops with the capability to power them up using the outlets on the tabletops.

Printing, black and white as well as laser color, is available for a reasonable cost. Visitors must use either a Florida Tech ID card or a Library DART card for printing transactions.  The center has work table space and accommodations for students working in groups or projects.


Reservations are not accepted at the Applied Computing Center, usage is on a first-come first-served basis. 

Usage Policies

The Applied Computing Center operates on the Florida Institute of Technology network and Internet connection. Users therefore are subject to the University's defined Acceptable Use Policy. Further, as this is a public lab, Pornography is strictly prohibited. We keep logs of all computer activities and violators will be reported both to Florida Tech Security and the Melbourne Police Department. The computers are for academic use only. Repeated disregard for these rules will result in the client being asked to leave the lab. If the user refuses to leave or continues to use the computing resources inappropriately, he/she may be escorted out by security and possibly banned from the lab and/or the campus.



The Applied Computing Center features 70 Dell Precision 3430 i7 computer systems with 16GB of RAM and plenty of hard disk space.   All systems are installed with Windows 10 64Bit Professional.


Word-processing, statistical analysis, programming, and presentation development programs are available on the systems. See the software list for more details and/or use the Contact Us form.

If an instructor wishes to use his/her own software, software license documentation must be provided by the instructor. Additional helpful information would include how many students will be using the software, and for what duration of time (one semester or more). Please note that the instructor must have appropriate licenses and user information available before the software can be installed on Applied Computing Center computers. Please see the software policies for details on software installations.

The Applied Computing Center cannot provide personal tutoring on how to use the instructor's software. Software instruction should be incorporated in the instructor's curriculum. At the beginning of class it is helpful to survey the students on their computer literacy for usage with common software programs.


Internet access is available on all computers in the Applied Computing Center. Please become familiar with Center policies for appropriate usage of the Internet, and appropriate search topics before using a workstation.


Please see the Evans Library Hours of Operation for more information.

Contact Information


Lab Manager: Thomas Couperthwaite

Classroom Lab Technician: Tosin Aina

Available Software

For software listings, please visit  Open Computing Labs Software Page.