The University offers faxing services to the students at the Student Activities Department (second floor of the Student Union Building) during normal business hours.

University Departments

Faxing services are available at the Telecom Office during normal business hours.

The following are tips related to faxing:

  • All faxes should have a cover sheet to assist in directing the fax to the proper person when received and to provide contact numbers to the receiver.

  • Use the best quality original to fax from. There is typically deterioration to the pages when faxed. The better the original the better the quality of the receivers fax.

  • Fax only black/white copies. Color images and text does not fax well and will provide a poor quality copy to the receiver.

  • Use on white paper for the original. Colored, parchment, or specialty paper does not reproduce a good quality copy when faxed.

  • Include page numbers when sending multiple page faxes.