Procurement and Use of University Mobile Services


To provide a standardized and effective policy for the acquisition of mobile phones, cellular phones, and data devices for the business use of employees in the performance of their assigned duties. Such acquisition and use is intended to be for the benefit of the University. This policy also includes the provision that an approval at the vice presidential level is required for such acquisition.

Cellphone Request

Request Cell Phone Form

The office of Telecommunications maintains a cellphone request form at where users/departments may make a request for the procurement of a University funded mobile device. This form will be modified from time to time to reflect then current offerings.

The form will request identification of the user’s department, user, type of service requested, plan requested, required features and type of device.

This form will be forwarded automatically for completion of accounting information for billing purposes and the required vice presidential approval.

When accounting and approval information is complete, the form will be sent to the Telecommunications department where we will confirm the request is accurate and will meet the needs of the user, at which time the order will be placed with the appropriate vendor.

It is the responsibility of the user department to return the device to the Telecommunications department at such time as the user leaves the University, transfers to another department or no longer has need of the device. The user department must also inform the Telecommunications department in writing if the device is to be transferred to another user.

Only the Telecommunications department is authorized to acquire mobile devices or modify services/plans for these devices. Changes need to be forwarded to the Telecommunications department by way of the web form.