Multimedia Classrooms

Florida Tech's multimedia classrooms simplify delivery of interactive and media-rich course content. These classrooms may include projection and audio systems, interactive writing tablets, media players and instructor workstations.  

Fully-Equipped Classrooms

Fully-equipped classrooms include a comprehensive set of presentation equipment. Many classrooms also offer lecture capture capability (screen and instructor voice recording). All equipment is controlled with a touchpanel at the instructor workstation.   

Fully-equipped classrooms include:

  • Classroom control touchpanel
  • LCD projection system
  • Audio system
  • Built-in instructor computer
  • Document camera
  • VCR/DVD or DVD/Blu-ray player
  • Touch Screen monitor
  • Wireless microphone
  • Laptop connection
  • External audio/video player hookup
  • Newly renovated classrooms may also include Apple TV

For a detailed directory of multimedia equipment in each room see Classroom Technology Listing.  

Instructor Workstation Training is available online through Canvas.   

Laptop-Ready Multimedia Classrooms

Laptop-ready rooms are outfitted with projection and audio systems and provide connections for laptops and video devices (such as VCR or DVD players). No other multimedia equipment is installed and instructors must bring a laptop, VCR or DVD player to class to use with these rooms.

Laptop-ready classrooms include:

  • LCD projection system
  • Audio system
  • Laptop hookup
  • External audio/video player hookup

Equipment is controlled using an 8-button keypad, usually located close to the interconnection panel.