Canvas FAQ

Who uses Canvas?

  • Melbourne Campus instructors and their students.
  • Extended Studies and Virtual Campus instructors and their students.
  • Continuing Education instructors and their students.
  • Staff and administrators supporting those courses.

What is Canvas used for?

  • Canvas is used to supplement traditional classes with online information and assessment tools.
  • It is used for hybrid courses in which class time is split with online meetings and assignments.
  • It is also used for fully online courses.
  • It is also used for sharing information within departments and academic programs.

Where can I get training and support?

  • Start with the Faculty Orientation
  • Support is available online, 24/7, via the Help link inside Canvas.
  • The Help Center has links to reference guides, community forums, and more. 

Why was Canvas chosen over other systems, or staying with ANGEL?

  • ANGEL reached its final version, 8.0, in 2011.  No significant updates are planned.
  • ANGEL does not adequately support modern computing needs.
  • Support for the product line had declined sharply: bugs reported to ANGEL remained unresolved for years.
  • The LMS Selection Committee determined that Canvas was a viable replacement for ANGEL
  • Participants in a pilot program preferred Canvas by a wide margin.
  • More info can be found on the Canvas Timeline.