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PollEverywhere Student Response System Training


Poll Everywhere is a student-response system. It is a great solution for formative assessments and to improve student engagement in class.

It provides instructors with a platform to post questions from the web, in a presentation, or in Canvas. Students can respond and instructors can view results in real time. Rosters and grades can be linked to Canvas.

Instructors can request a licensed account and find more information in the Help portal.

Tutorials and Training

  • Getting Started Video -  This recorded webinar will teach you how to use PollEverywhere. 
  • Additional video tutorials - Short "How to" videos for using specific features of Poll Everywhere with your classes, or in presentations. 
  • Guides - Online guides for Instructors and students. There is also a copy of The essential presenter guide available. 
  • PE Blog! - Love PollEverywhere? Want to stay up-to-date, and learn about more cool ways it can be used in your classes? Check out the blog, where you can find more information about ways other instructors and presenters are using this powerful engagement tool. 
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