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Office of Information Technology

Web and Mobile Apps Training

Web technologies and Mobile Apps are ubiquitous and ultra useful. Here are a few very useful favorites. If you are looking for information about iPads, click here.

Tutorials and Training

Jing - Share images and short videos of your computer screen

  • Link - Here is a link to download Jing for free - Last updated 2014-02-20
  • Link - Here is a link to TechSmith's Jing tutorials .- Last updated 2014-02-20
  •  Video -  Watch this for a recorded webinar of how to use Jing to record your images and short videos - Last updated 2014-02-20

Haiku Deck - Create stunning presentations that inspire with this software

  • Link - Here is a link to the new web based online Haiku Deck user guide. Use this if you are not using the iOS app- Last updated 2014-02-05
  • Link - Here is a link to the iOS app based  Deck user guide .- Last updated 2014-02-05 - Easy formative assessments for online videos

  • Video - Watch this for a recorded webinar of how to use eduCanoncom to created easy formative assessments for online videos.- Last updated 2014-01-23
  • Handout - This handout, chock full of screenshots, will walk you through using  - Last updated 2014-01-23

Prezi - Create spectacular presentations that zoom!

  • Video - Watch this for a recorded webinar of how to use Prezi. - Last updated 2013-10-30
  • Handout - This handout is a series of links to Prezi's tutorials. - Last updated 2013-10-30
  • Link - 8 tips for an Awesome Prezi. - Last updated 2014-04-04

Workflowy - an incredibly handy web based todo list

  • Handout - Workflowy is a fantastic web based todo list that expands as you need it. There is also an iOS app available - Last updated 2013-08-21

PDFescape - Edit PDF documents for free

  • Handout - PDFescape is web-based software that will allow you to edit pdf files for free. - Last updated 2013-08-21

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PocketMod - Create handy multipage documents that fit in your pocket! - Extracting text from scanned images and pictures

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