Web And Mobile Apps Training


Tutorials and Training

Jing - Share images and short videos of your computer screen

  • Link - Here is a link to download Jing for free
  • Link - Here is a link to TechSmith's Jing tutorials
  •  Video -  Watch this for a recorded webinar of how to use Jing to record your images and short videos

Haiku Deck - Create stunning presentations that inspire with this software

  • Link - Here is a link to the new web based online Haiku Deck user guide. Use this if you are not using the iOS app
  • Link - Here is a link to the iOS app based  Deck user guide 

PlayPosit - Easy interactive video player for use in Canvas

  • Video - Watch this for a recorded webinar on how to use PlayPosit to create interactive videos for use in your courses. 
  • Check out the Knowledge Base for tutorials and step-by-step instructions for building a bulb and using PlayPosit in your Canvas courses. 

    PlayPosit Knowledge Base for Instructors

Prezi - Create spectacular presentations that zoom!

  • Video - Watch this for a recorded webinar of how to use Prezi. 
  • Handout - This handout is a series of links to Prezi's tutorials. 
  • Link - 8 tips for an Awesome Prezi. 

Workflowy - an incredibly handy web based todo list

  • Handout - Workflowy is a fantastic web based todo list that expands as you need it. There is also an iOS app available.

PDFescape - Edit PDF documents for free

  • Handout - PDFescape is web-based software that will allow you to edit pdf files for free. -

Print What You Like!

Find your phone faster with this easy tip.

  • Handout - Adding contact information to your lock screen can help people find you when they have found your lost phone. 

Florida Tech Mobile App

  • Handout - The Florida Tech Mobile app can save you a large amount of time on campus. Download it today! 

Download Youtube videos with KeepVid.com

  • Handout - If you have ever wanted to download a youtube video, you are in luck. KeepVid.com is what you are looking for. 

Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Browsers

  • Handout - Keyboard shorcuts can help us maximize our time on the internet. 

PocketMod - Create handy multipage documents that fit in your pocket!

  • Handout - With PocketMod you can print a 6 page document that will fit in your pocket. 

OnlineOCR.net - Extracting text from scanned images and pictures

  • Handout - OnlineOCR.net is free web-based Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) which will extract text from PDF documents (multipage files included), faxes, and photographs into editable Word, Excel, or txt files. 

Where to find free high quality stock photos

  • Handout - Stock.xchng  is a huge image gallery which contains over 350,000 high quality stock photos by more than 30,000 photographers.