Safety Alert System

Florida Tech uses a system called Regroup to deliver safety and emergency alert notifications university-wide.

The Department of Security uses Regroup to:

  • Post alerts to the university’s homepage.
  • Share alerts via the university's primary social media accounts.
  • Communicate with the Florida Tech community directly via phone, text message and email.

Tips to sign up for Regroup:Log in to Regroup

Users can sign up for Regroup by entering their name and desired email address, and creating a password.
Regroup will then send a confirmation email that includes a link to verify your account.

Tips to manage Regroup notifications:

Users select how they would like the system to send notifications - emails, voice calls, and/or text messages. Multiple methods can be selected, ensuring multiple outlets for communication.  Additionally, users should navigate to the Groups section and select a group to join. 

Tips To Manage Regroup Account:

Users can update, add, or remove their contact information at any time. Multiple email addresses and phone numbers may be added to a Regroup account.  Additionally, users can choose to delete their account. 

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