Fall 2022 Teaching Overview

Students look for courses and course information in Canvas. Faculty use Canvas as their central hub for course materials, activities, and communication outside the classroom. Faculty use Zoom for video while lecturing in classrooms, allowing remote learners to join classes online. Using various technologies, notes and presentations are shared through Zoom at the same time as they are displayed to the live audience. Lectures recorded to the cloud with Zoom can be made available for later viewing in Canvas, through Panopto, with just a few clicks.  

Getting Started with Canvas, Zoom, and Panopto

This guide walks instructors through the initial setup required to use Canvas, Zoom, and Panopto for their courses.  Together, these technologies allow faculty to teach live in a classroom, broadcast teaching via video conference, and share video recordings of classes for later viewing.  Click the link above to get started!

Record and Share Video with Canvas, Zoom, and Panopto

This guide is a follow-up to Getting Started and provides the common workflow for broadcasting, recording, and sharing a sample Zoom session through Canvas. It includes video demonstrations using various presentation technologies that faculty may incorporate with lectures, such as virtual whiteboards, doc cams, and iPads. 

Faculty Guide - Zoom Security for Classes

Zoom and Florida Tech have expanded security features to allow meeting hosts more control over who and how participants can join meetings. This guide provides recommendations to secure meetings for classes while ensuring access for intended participants. Following this guide will help faculty limit opportunities for disruption during scheduled classes. Note: Faculty who require TRACKS logins to attend classes remotely should provide their students with the Student Guide - Logging into Zoom with TRACKS.

Last-Minute Checklist before Giving Students Access to your Course

Students cannot access your course until you publish it!  If you are not sure you are ready for that, see if you can say "yes" to each of the following questions! Your students will thank you.

  • Is the course syllabus available right on the Syllabus tab? Hint: It's best to put the information right in Canvas using the editor, rather than in a separate file that might not display on portable devices. 
  • Have you made a Canvas Announcement welcoming students that might not be present in the classroom? Hint: Make an Announcement!
  • Have you hidden extra menu links so students only see what they need? Hint: Improve your Course Design in 2 Minutes!
  • Have you configured your Canvas Notifications so you receive emails from Canvas in a timely fashion? Hint: Here's a handy PDF to help you decide what works best for you.
  • Are recurring Zoom meetings scheduled and set to automatically record to the cloud? Hint: If you already created recurring meetings in Canvas and need to change something, find the meeting through to edit and save changes.  
  • Have you used the Student Preview to preview your course? Hint: Open Student View from your course homepage.
  • Are you ready for Fall 2022?!?! Go ahead and click Publish!

Other Technologies

Instructional Technology aims to support Florida Tech's academic needs, whatever they are.  Have a look at the training menu on the left to find tools that might help your teaching. If something you want to use isn't listed, let us know! We might offer an alternative or look into adding it to the list of more than 100 applications currently in use.

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