Instructors Start Here (Main Campus & Education Centers)

  • Canvas is the university's primary Learning Management System.
  • Canvas requires a TRACKS login account and FIT email address.  (New students and faculty must wait until they receive their FIT email address to gain access to Canvas.)
  • Courses and enrollments are synced with PAWS; there is a 2-6 hour delay between PAWS and Canvas.
  • Set Your Notification Preferences to tell Canvas when and how you want to receive notifications from the system.
  • Use a Sandbox to build courses or try features. Sandboxes may have access to new features not available in other areas of Canvas.
  • Enroll in Growing With Canvas, an online self-paced course for instructors.  Last updated 2019-12-18
  • Get Help 24/7 on the phone or via Live Chat. Click the Help link in Canvas for contact info.
  • Learn more from the Canvas Community, a place where every Canvas school can discuss methods and ideas.

Additional Tutorials and Training

Canvas Commons - Learning Object Repository 

  • Canvas Commons is a crowd-sourced educational content/learning object repository.  
  • Access Commons by logging into Canvas.
  • Use Commons to create a personal learning object repository.  
  • Build a course from scratch using materials shared by other Canvas users.
  • Share materials to gain reputation as a subject matter expert and content creator.
  • Learn more!

Canvas Toolkit

General Information

Building Courses

Work-Arounds & Solutions to Common Headaches

  • For HELP from within Canvas, simply click the Help link.  The Canvas Guides are excellent.
  • Rather than a Folder structure, Canvas uses Modules.  Modules are a good way to sequence the content in your course.
  • Copying and pasting from PDFs removes formatting; it works better to copy from Word files to preserve formatting and links.
  • Syllabus shortcut: Go to the Syllabus menu on the left, then click Edit Syllabus Description.  There, copy and paste your syllabus from Word.
  • The default grading scale cannot be set for all courses.  If you don't use a grading scale, all scores will be numeric.  If you want to convert scores into letters, you have to set up a grading scheme.
  • Is Roll Call Attendance affecting your grades in Canvas when you wish it wouldn't? Try this easy fix.(last updated 10/14/2014)