Office of Information Technology

Office of Information Technology


Quick Facts

  • EvaluationKit is a survey system used for Faculty and Course Evaluations.
  • The system integrates with Canvas and uses enrollments from Canvas to populate surveys.
  • Login through Canvas or via custom links sent by email.  There is no separate password.
  • General usage instructions are provided via email per survey
  • Technical Support provided by Information Technology staff
  • Aggregate reports require special permission: contact for access.

Ways to Log In To EvaluationKit

  • Follow the personal link provided in emails sent from the EvaluationKit Administrator.
  • Log into Canvas, then enter a course  with an active survey.  There is a menu link for Course Evaluations on the left.
  • Instructors Only: Log into Canvas, then click Account, then click Profile. The Course Evaluations link appears on the profile page.

How to Monitor Response Rates

  • Log into EvaluationKit
  • For active surveys, the Response Rate Tracker is displayed on the home page.  For details, click the name of the project shown in the Response Rate Tracker box, e.g. “2018 Summer Course Evaluations (1)”.
  • For past surveys, Response Rates remain accessible via the Results menu.  Click Results, then Response Rate Tracker.  In the Search box, change Status to Ended, and click search. Then click the name of the project you want to show response rates for.

How to Generate  Aggregate Reports