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Spring 2021 Updates:

Beginning this term, faculty will be prompted to submit Faculty Course Reflections about learning objectives, assessments, and assessment results. These prompts will appear as student surveys and will be delivered to instructors of record for all courses. 

While the Faculty Senate recently voted on other changes to the survey process, these changes are still pending review and approval by academic administration and will not be implemented this term.  Student surveys will remain unchanged.

EvaluationKit / Course Evaluation FAQ

What is it? 
  EvaluationKit is an online survey system used for Faculty and Course Evaluations.

Who get surveyed with this system?
  Students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate Main Campus or Education Center (Redstone, Spaceport, Eglin, etc.) courses. Enrollments are copied from Canvas rosters.

Can I log into EvaluationKit?  How?
  If you have an account you will receive a timely email with a PRIVATE login link. Please do not share the private link!  For access through Canvas: Log into Canvas, click Account, then Profile. If you have an EvaluationKit account, the Course Evaluations link will appear on the profile page.

Why does it say, "No Active Survey Available"?
  If you are a student trying to take a survey, the survey may have closed.  Check the email for specific dates.  If you are an instructor, you may have multiple roles in the system, and can change roles from "Student/Respondent" to "Instructor" on the top navigation bar.

How and when do students find out about and take the surveys? 
  Student receive emails and see a notification in Canvas.  The first email is sent as soon as the survey opens.  Periodic reminders are sent to non-respondents.

How and when do teachers & departments find out about surveys and get results?
Emails are sent on a preset schedule based around survey and report access dates, with the first notification sent about a week prior to the survey start, and the last notification sent once results are released.

When are students surveyed?
  For 16-week courses, surveys typically open two weeks prior to finals and close prior to final exam week. Courses that follow different schedules in a term will have schedules specific to their program.

Why is that the schedule instead of ... ?
  The schedule is set based on guidance from the Faculty Senate and Teaching Council.  Offering the surveys prior to finals ensures students have an opportunity to evaluate the bulk of course content and instruction without impacting, or being impacted by, final exams or final grades.  

What about retaliatory grading?
  To minimize the potential for retaliatory grading, results are not released until after final grades have been submitted.  Results are also anonymous.

How long are the surveys open?
  Students have two weeks to complete course evaluations for 16-week courses. For shorter terms, students have 1 week.

Can a survey be reset, reopened, or extended?
  Surveys can be reset to be retaken during the scheduled survey period only at the request of the student. Once the survey period closes, they cannot be reset or reopened.  A survey cannot be extended.

What if the course is not published in Canvas?
  Surveys are availabled via email.  

Are survey responses anonymous?
  Yes.  Responses never show names.  Students should be aware that in sections with few enrollments, anonymity may not be assured.

Who gets to see the survey responses?
Responses are delivered to TAs, Teachers, and authorized recipients per academic unit (e.g. Deans, department administrators). 

When are survey responses available to TAs, Teachers, etc.?
  No sooner than one week after final grades are due.  Teachers are sent course-specific Report Access Start Dates via email, and a final email is sent after results have been released.  

How are courses with multiple instructors or TAs handled?
  Students are given the option to survey any TA or Teacher that is assigned to their section. Surveys are split by section for "crosslisted" courses, so students will only see their own section's instructors, even if many sections share the same Canvas course.

How are Canvas roles handled in EvaluationKit?
"Students" receive surveys about "TAs" and "Teachers".  Other roles are ignored and not surveyed.

Are "inactive" students surveyed?
No. Those students are effectively removed from the course.

How can a Teacher or Admin see response rates while a survey is running?
  Log into EvaluationKit; the Response Rate Tracker is displayed on the home page.  For details, click the name of the project shown in the Response Rate Tracker box.  (Note: this is for rates only, not actual responses.)

How can a Teacher or Admin see response rates for a survey that has closed? 
  Log into EvaluationKit. Click Results, then Response Rate Tracker.  In the Search box, change Status to Ended, and click search. Click the name of the project you want to show response rates for.  (Note: this is for rates only, not actual responses.)

How can a Teacher or Admin view results while the survey is in progress or has just completed?
  You cannot. Survey responses are kept private until after final grades are submitted.

How can a Teacher or Admin view results now that they are available?
  Log into EvaluationKit. Projects Results are posted on the home screen.  Additional views are available; click Results and choose Instructor Results or Report Builder, and follow the prompts.

How can a Teacher or Admin view results from previous semesters/terms?
  Log into EvaluationKit. Recent results are posted on the home screen.  To find older results, Click Results and choose Project Results, Instructor Results, or Report Builder, and follow the prompts.  Note: Only surveys taken through EvaluationKit are available.  Please contact academic departments for results from surveys taken prior to Fall 2017.

How can an Admin generate department-level reports across multiple terms?
  Please see this Panopto Video Tutorial: EvaluationKit Reports

Can the survey questions be changed or updated?
   Survey questions can only be changed or updated at the discretion of the Faculty Senate.

Can custom survey questions be added by an instructor?
Not at this time.  Please contact Faculty Senate.

Why can I only see my own results even though I am set up for my whole department?
  If you have both types of access, you can change roles from Instructor to Administrator on the top navigation bar.

How can I get access to bulk survey results for my campus, college, or subject area?

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