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Microsoft Office Tutorials And Training

 Tutorials and Training

Access and Download Microsoft Office 365 Apps: 

  • Handout - This helpful handout will guide you through the process of accessing Office 365 from anywhere, and show you how to download Office 365 apps onto your personal device for work or school use. 




  • New! Presenter Coach - Now you can rehearse your presentation with a "coach" and receive feedback. Microsoft's AI features allow you to rehearse your presentation and receive feedback on pacing, word choice, and more. Learn more about how to use Presenter Coach: Presenter Coach Step-by-Step Guide 
  • New! PowerPoint Designer - This cool tool uses your content and provides suggestions for different slide layouts. Try it out! Designer Step-by-Step Guide 
  • The Instructors: Death by PowerPoint - Death by PowerPoint is very real and Instructional Technologies here at Florida Tech is committed to eradicating it. Bad PowerPoint lectures hurt and diminish student learning. To that effect, we are proud to release our latest educational blockbuster: “The Instructors: Death by PowerPoint”, starring Kevin Graham, Jason Griggs, John Meyer, and real students. 



Described by Microsoft as, "a hub for teamwork in Office 365," Teams combines persistent chat, video meetings, file storage, document collaboration, and more -- all within the security provided by Office 365. Learn about how to use this powerful tool to help your team collaborate efficiently and effectively. 

Additional Support

  • Contact Instructional Technology for more information.
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