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MS Sharepoint - Office 365

Sharepoint is part of Microsoft's Office365 application suite. Sharepoint provides secure file storage and web pages accessible through a browser. Site owners can set permissions to restrict or allow others access to content. All Florida Tech staff, faculty, and students have access to Office365 via their TRACKS account.  When signing in, use  After signing in, look for the Sharepoint icon on the left.

S-Drive Migrations - Spring 2021

Enterprise Systems is moving department shares from S-Drive to cloud storage during the Spring 2021 semester.  One storage option is MS Sharepoint.  Enterprise will work with departments to migrate content and set initial permissions.  Departments can Submit an S-Drive Migration Request to get started.  For documents migrated to Sharepoint:

  • S-Drive files are stored in a SharePoint website where data is accessed via a web browser.
  • Sharepoint can be access from on-campus and off-campus.
  • VPN is not required to access the site.
  • Office and PDF files will be indexed and searchable.
  • Provides a Recycle Bin to restore deleted files.
  • Self-service management of site permissions.
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