Office of Information Technology

Office of Information Technology


Can't find your course in Canvas?  Course access is automated, and the solution to finding your course depends on who you are and what course you're trying to find.  

Melbourne and Extended Studies Campuses


  • Check Access first.  If you are not registered for the course in Access, that is why it is missing in Canvas.  You will need to register (or re-register) to gain access to the course.
  • Your courses are located at
  • If you've registered, note that enrollments may take up to 24 hours to process.  You may need to wait a day.
  • If the course still does not display, check with your instructor.  Courses must be published to students by the instructor before students will be able to access them.
  • If your instructor has published the course and you are still unable to see it, please place a support request.


  • Check Access first.  
  • If your course is missing in Access, that is why it is missing in Canvas:
    • Contact your hiring department or the Registrar to be assigned to the course in Access.
    • Once you are assigned to teach in Access, the course will appear in Canvas within 24 hours.
    • If the course is still not present in Canvas after 24 hours, please place a support request.
  • Your courses are located at

Teaching Assistants and Co-Instructors

  • To gain access to a course taught by another professor, contact that professor.
  • The instructor who is officially assigned to the course can manually add other instructors to their courses.  (Learn More!)
  • Sometimes Teching Assistants are treated as general faculty, and the steps above for Faculty apply.  (This is at the discretion of the department and/or primary instructor.)

Continuing Education, ABA Online, and Professional Development

Students and Instructors 

FloridaTech Online

Students and Instructors