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Canvas Commons

What is Canvas Commons?

Who uses Commons?

  • Professors and teachers using Canvas use Commons.  These include K-12, higher education institutions, and independent ‘free-for-teacher’ accounts.

What can I do with Commons?

  • Create a personal learning object repository.  (This provides an alternative method to transferring content from semester to semester.)
  • Build a course from scratch with relevant materials shared by other Canvas users.
  • Gain a reputation as a subject matter expert and content creator.
  • Find resources by searching for a specific keyword, author, institution, or title.
  • Import resources into a Canvas course. Once the import to Canvas is complete, you can start using and customizing your resource.
  • Optionally share content with others.  You can share with other Florida Institute of Technology instructors or with EVERYONE who uses Commons. 

How do I use Commons?

Who should I contact if I need help using Commons?

  • Canvas Support can answer questions about Commons.
  • You can reach Canvas Support 24/7 via the Help link in Canvas.

How do I preview resources in Commons?

  • You can preview course and module content as well as document, image, video, and audio files before importing the resource into your Canvas course.
  • On the search results, you can preview video and audio files for up to 10 seconds. 
  • Learn more about previewing resources in Commons.

How do I import and view a Commons resource in Canvas?

I want to share content with others. What do I need to know?

What about Copyright?

  • Per the Terms of Service, content is the sole responsibility of the originating party.
  • You are responsible for the content you share, and you should only share content that you have the right to duplicate.
  • Content is not pre-screened.    
  • Read the complete Terms of Service.

No, my Copyright. What types of content licenses are available in Commons?

  • When sharing content, you must select a content license that fits how the content can be used by others. 
  • Options include full Copyright, Public Domain, and Creative Commons. 
  • Learn more about the content license options available in Commons. 
  • Learn more about Creative Commons and how to choose a CC license

What other documentation is available?

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