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Office of Information Technology

Proctortrack FAQ

What is it?

Proctortrack is remote proctoring software that verifies identity, tracks student activity during test-taking, and flags suspicious activity for instructor review. Like Turnitin, it is a tool to help instructors support academic honesty in their classes, and is used with Canvas.

Who can use it?

Faculty can use Proctortrack in Fall 2020 courses with department approval.

Is there a preview for faculty?

How is licensing handled?

Licences are counted per-student, allowing students to take unlimited exams in an approved course for the duration of the term. With department approval, licenses are supported by the Office of the Provost.  

Are there testing options that do not require remote proctoring?

The best alternative to remote proctoring is strong open-book test design, but this may not be appropriate or possible in all situations.  

What should faculty do to get started?

  1. Contact your department for approval for each course you need proctored. 
  2. Contact Dr. John Meyer with approval to receive a Consumer Key and Shared Secret required for setup. 
  3. Follow the Proctortrack Setup Guide for Canvas to add Proctortrack to courses.
  4. Follow the Proctortrack Instructor Guide to set up proctored exams
  5. Add or share the Proctortrack Student Guide in your course, e.g. as a link in an Announcement
  6. Let students know about proctoring requirements in your syllabus

How can I get technical support for Proctortrack?

  • Canvas Support or Instructional Technology can assist with initial Canvas setup.
  • Proctortrack support is available in the Canvas Proctortrack App.  There is a Chat icon in the lower right corner, and there is a Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Are there instructions available for students?